Rideshare drivers need better insurance
Chances are your insurance doesn't fully protect you. DriveOn is going to change that.
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Get DriveOn, the only insurance designed specifically for rideshare drivers like you. For just cents per mile.
DriveOn Insurance for Rideshare Drivers
Tap on, drive on
DriveOn provides the right coverage to protect you, your vehicle and others from damages. Its personalized coverage options are specifically designed for rideshare drivers like you.
DriveOn works when you do. Get covered when you start driving, then end coverage when you finish. You only pay for the miles you drive; no long-term contracts, subscriptions or monthly fees.
DriveOn gives you the support you need, when you need it. If you're in an accident, our expert support team will help you get back on the road, and back to everyday life, with speed and ease.
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